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Surfaventura Surf School is located on the beach of Matosinhos, with its facilities under the promenade of this beach, 200 meters north of the anemone roundabout "She Shanges", next to the city of Oporto. The School is open all year round, both during the week and at weekends and holidays. Usually it opens at 10am and close around sunset time which varies between 5pm in the winter and 8pm in the summer. It is also open at lunch time. It is closed on the most important holidays of the year, such as Christmas, Easter, New Year (01/01) and St. John (24/06). Please find below our list of services. 
Whether you come alone, with your family or a group of friends, you will feel good with us!

The School and the Beach

Surfaventura Surf School Matosinhos beach Porto

Surfaventura Surf School is open since 2003. The School facilities have a space for exchange and wardrobe, a bathroom, a multipurpose room and a deck in the outside, were you can stay relaxing.
Most classes are given on Matosinhos beach. This beach, with its large extension of sand, ensures year round the best conditions to learn and progress safely both in Surf and Stand-Up-Paddle.
To teach you the best way, we have teachers with experience to give surf and stand-up-paddle lessons from beginners to intermediates levels.
We also have the best equipment, such as, O´Neill wetsuits to winter and summer time, of all sizes, softboards, hardboards, shortboards, malibus, longboards, in order to fit to your level.
For surfers with more experience, we are able to organize advanced courses and surf trips to nearby beaches, where you can find quality waves and no crowds in the water.
We also organize photo and film report of  the activities. Find us > 


Private lessons

Surfaventura - Private Surf lesson

Prices (per person)
1 / 2 / 3 px > €60 / 50 / 40,00 

Group lessons

Surfaventura - Group Surf lesson

Prices (per person)
[4 to 6...] px > €30,00

Private lessons

Surfaventura Stand-up-Paddle private lessons

Prices (per person)
1 / 2 / 3 px > €60 / 50 / 40,00

Group lessons

Surfaventura Stand-up-Paddle group lessons

Prices (per person)
 [4 - 6...] px > €30,00

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Hard and Soft Surfboards

Surfaventura Surf Boards

Board or wetsuit 2h > €10,00


Surfaventura - Wetsuits

Board + wetsuit 2h > €15,00

Stand-Up-Paddle Boards

Surfaventura - Surfaventura - Bachelor Parties - Men

Board + paddle + wetsuit 2h > €20,00


Surf Groups and Team Building

Surfaventura - Surf groups
Surfaventura - Surf Team Building

Bachelor Parties

Surfaventura - Bachelor Parties - Women
Surfaventura - Bachelor Parties - Men

Prices > On request


Contact us for more information

Tel: (+351) 22 937 22 37 (Call to national fixed network)
Mobile: (+351) 96 778 63 33 (Call to national mobile network)
E: surfaventura@gmail.com

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